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Strait Drawing: 20 Years of Life Drawing by the Carquinez Strait Drawing Group

Figurative studies by ten North Bay Area artists.

Essay by James Scarborough.

“If the work in this book doesn’t describe the way in which an artist creates a universal experience out of a private one, no work will. The book is the visual equivalent of a communal diary, a blog sketched (The verb’s “to blurb”) but without the bluster, the vanity, and the poseuring. . .With this book, the Group immortalizes 20 years of spontaneity and craft, of the butterfly-immediate response of an artist to her model. Immortalized like flowers in ambergris. The point is not that each work isn’t accomplished, isn’t done isn’t finished. No, the point is that each piece reads like an entry in a visual diary, full of passing impressions noted then surpassed; a catch-and-release of fleeting moments. . . . [S]ome pieces are dated, some have titles, and some have the number of minutes permitted for each pose. Some are conceived with the merest wisp of a pencil line or gouache dab. Some are worked and worked and worked. As you skim through the book, you sense how blood courses, seconds tick, and the universe expands. How we grow old.”

Full color, 92 pgs., soft cover. 2007, Schneider-Rothstein Publishing, Vallejo CA

$45 includes S&H in USA. click here to order: http://www.epressbooks.com/