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Desert Bloom

The day we went out to paint this knoll was a cold and foggy San Francisco summer afternoon. The oil paint got so stiff that I had to keep adding more and more medium so I could keepit flowing. Still, I kept working until my hands stiffened so completely that I finally had to quit because I couldn't hold on to the brushes any more. I kept dropping them bristles down in the dirt. But I knew that there might not be a second chance at this scene. And, I wanted to capture the way the fogmingled with the branches of the trees and how the bright reds and cadmium yellows of the nasturtium blossoms stood out against the dull greens of the live oak and the juniper shrubs. Sure enough, the sun had come out, the following day. The sky was clear blue, it was a glorious day... but, the nasturtiums were gone.